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Connect directly with your favorite college athlete for personalized advice or in-depth video analysis of your technique!

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How it Works:


Find a top tier college athlete from our roster to coach you

They have walked in your footsteps and now you can learn from them with coaching options starting under $5.

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Get a detailed video analysis showing you how to level up!

Our coaches use cutting-edge video analysis tools paired with expert voice over commentary to pinpoint your growth zones. Plus, personalized drills await! Just soak in the guidance, train strategically, and watch your skills grow!

Baseball player receiving a video analysis

Or request a personalized demonstration on any technique!

Reach out to a coach about a specific technique and how to perform it and in return get a how to video from the coach made just for you that walks you through the correct mechanics.

Basketball player demonstrating proper shooting form. Wearing a red shirt with a dark background behind his shooting pose and it appears to be in a basketball court.

And once you have nailed the technique, get their perspective on anything else!

Whether it's joining your first team, advancing from JV to varsity, balancing school and travel sports, or gearing up for the recruitment journey, gain invaluable insights from college athletes who've walked the same path.

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More to Come!

There are other projects that we are currently working on to enable tools and ways for athletes to level up with the help of college athletes on the Ballmecca App. Please check us out on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop. 

Unlocking your true potential, from the comfort of your home.

Affordable coaching options  starting under $5. 

Bite sized coaching options to help you level up fast.

Connect with your favorite college athlete.

Hear from our Coaches!

"In today's game, where technology rules the learning curve, video analysis is the quickest way to to show the positive mechanics and correct the imperfect kinetic movements of the player... With Ballmecca, every player can see how effectively their mechanics can work." 

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Rick Antinori,  Head Baseball Coach, Clark State College

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